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JAR-40 / JAR-60 / JAR-80 ENEA by Yago Sarri BALOK-LAMP BISTRO & JEAN by Yago Sarri ZEBRA by Yago Sarri BOOMERANG by Yago Sarri PETALI-BI & SLIM-BI

Vela Arredamenti: contract and home design furniture

Vela Arredamenti is a young Italian company that offers contract italian design products for hotel, restaurants, bars, pubs, rest spaces.
Thanks to the direct management of the entire production process (from planning to casting, through to customer care), Vela is able to offer tables, bar stools, table tops, chairs and furniture which combine the maximum functionality with the best of Italian design.

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Table Tops




Vela Arredamenti presents the Botero Mare.

A new collection of Vela Arredamenti items is available with a two-tone painted and galvanized column.

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