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Table maintenance and cleaning

  /  Table maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning of marble and marble-resin tops

Although all of our tops are treated with protective waxes, it is good to know that these products never make the marble unassailable by the substances listed below, but are useful in slowing down absorption and it is therefore necessary to clean the surface as soon as possible.

• For ordinary cleaning, simply wipe the surface with water and a neutral detergent, taking care not to use too aggressive detergents (very high or very low PH).
• The surface is recommended and must be dried after each use of the top.
• Avoid exposing surfaces to chemicals and solvents, especially paints, which contain trichlorethylene or methylene chloride.
• Keep away nail solvents, ammonia or detergents containing ammonia, brighteners, permanent markers or ink, oily soaps, lemon, wine, coffee and drinks that can stagnate and corrode the polish.
• If any of the substances listed above should come into contact with the surface, rinse immediately and thoroughly.

Finally, an important note regarding assembly: considering both the weight of the base and that of the marble top itself, it is highly recommended, in addition to screwing the screws into the bushings with due care, to apply a light layer of two-component glue. This will avoid the risk of detaching the top from the base when moving the tables.

Cleaning of galvanized articles

While it is understood that our galvanized products are made in a workmanlike manner, it is good to know that these products are particularly prone to damage if attacked by aggressive products. For this reason, it is important to stick to the following simple rules:

For ordinary cleaning, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth of water and possibly soap, preferably neutral.

It is essential to avoid exposing the surfaces to aggressive products that contain ammonia or any other type of acid, which from the first pass would immediately damage the galvanized finish causing it to exfoliate.

In particular, the galvanized bases should never be cleaned with the products used for the floors and it is a good idea to avoid even just rubbing the edges of the bases on the ground with the mop used for cleaning the ground.